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If you have numerous file that you wish to make available for download from your website, then it can become a bit of a headache trying to manage them all.

Our File Manager is one solution to this problem. You can manage each file individually, make it available or unavailable for download at any time (without having to delete it) and you can group similar files together, by assigning them to Categories and Sub Categories.

You can also regulate just how many files each person can download at any one time, and at what speed their download with operate at.

One other major benefit is you can choose to provide alternative file types for each file. For example you have a document you wish to make available for download. You could upload a Spreadsheet version (.XLS) and a PDF version of the same file. That way your website visitors can choose which format they wish to download. You are not locked into only using just one format, or indeed just one copy of each file.

Another example is you could upload a JPG, GIF and PNG copy of the same picture.

NEW FEATURE - password protection for categories.
Now you can assign passwords for each category.

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The File Manager

The File Manager includes a Display Files application which your website visitors can use to search and sort through the available files. It can also keep track of how many times each file has been downloaded. You can also check to see just how many times the file was started to be downloaded, and then canceled (aborted).

Using the File Manager is easy. You simply select what Category and Sub Category you wish this file to appear in, then You enter the Name of this file (this is the Name that will be used for the file when they download it), enter a description and then upload the file. You can upload numerous versions of the same file if you wish (such as .JPG, .PNG, .GIF). When the file is displayed on the website, the File Manager will display the date and time the file was uploaded and the filesize to ensure your website visitors are fully informed about each file.

Support for Resume Download

Downloading large files from a website may cause problems for people on wireless connections if it is interrupted. Our File Manager supports Resume, even if the server your website is being hosted on does not! This means that if someone is downloading using a download manager and they stop the download or it is aborted, they can always resume the download. If you are using your web browser to download the file, then it will be up to what the web browser supports. If it supports pause download, then our File Manager will allow the browser to resume the download.

Being able to resume an aborted or canceled download will certainly help alleviate frustration for your website visitors.

Support for Multiple Versions / Types

Provide numerous different formats for the same file can be a good way of ensuring your file is available in whatever format the customer needs. For example you could upload a .ZIP, a .PDF, a .JPG, a .XLS and a .CSV all of the same content for the same file. You can also upload any file at any time and update/replace any existing file with a later version as well.

Conserve Bandwidth

Another issue for every website is bandwidth usage. The File Manager can be configured to limit the number of connections allowed for each file and limit the number of files a website visitor can download at the same time. This allows you to keep your website operating efficiently and quickly by ensuring that numerous file downloads are not placing too much load on the server / website. The number of connection limit also works with every download manager.

Protect Your Files

Another major benefit is that the File Manager will not allow your files to be downloaded by search engines, robots or any other non human visitor. Why waste bandwidth by allowing those servers and bots to download your content. There is no benefit for you if they index and cache your files, so our File Manager simply prevents them from downloading. It also means that the hits (download counter) is accurate and actually tracks how many PEOPLE have clicked to download that file. Many websites report hits and page view figures that are just completely useless because they count every hit and every page refresh from every visitor, that being human, robot, spider, bot or search engine scan. The figures then become completely useless because they do not represent exactly which file or page has been visited the most by actual people.

Protect Your Files with Password

Now you can assign passwords to categories. The benefit of this is if you have files you wish to make available to your members, customers, clients or sponsors you can do so using this feature. Each category can have a different password assigned and the files assigned to that category can only be viewed and downloaded after the correct password has been entered. Visit our Demonstration Page for the File Manager to see it in operation.

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