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Photography: Projects, Tests and Comparisons

Welcome to our Projects section. Here you will be able to view some of the projects and tests we have conducted. Currently the tests are primarily photography based and comparing different photography methods, to comparing different camera lenses. Click on a picture below to view that project. Also include here are any photography field days or other photographic related topics. Recently added are just some photos of interesting items, such as birds and flowers and insects. This is also a demonstration of our Portfolio Manager.

Photography - Plants and Flowers
Photography - Plants and Flowers. Click to View
Photography - Close Up Insects
Photography - Close Up Insects. Click to View
CinemaWorks. Click to View
Boggo Road Gaol Field Day Photos
Boggo Road Gaol Field Day Photos. Click to View
Photography - Birds and Nature
Photography - Birds and Nature. Click to View
Venus Cal.170 Chronograph
Venus Cal.170 Chronograph. Click to View
Photography - Pocket Watch
Photography - Pocket Watch. Click to View
Photography - 50mm Lens Comparison Project
Photography - 50mm Lens Comparison Project. Click to View
This Page last updated on 10th of February 2022

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