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#8) What is the most important feature with a digital camera
Many of us use cameras every day and each of us make a choice as to what is more important. What is the key factor you want from a camera (be it a smartphone camera or a DSLR)?
01] Small, compact, lightweight, easy to carry and conceal.
02] Interchangable lenses and accessories to make the camera more versatile
03] Full frame sensor so there is no crop factor issues (so FX vs DX APSC 4/3 ..)
04] Maximum pixel count. 40MP, 50MP etc
05] Maximum Depth of Field, so micro sensor cameras like phones vs DSLR FX / 645
06] Aperture and Exposure controls (so DSLR vs phones)
07] High Frame rate shooting (so mirrorless (+12fps) versus DSLR FX (4fps)
08] 4K video recording versus 1080p recording or no video feature at all.
09] Fantastic low light functionality (so high ISO rated sensor and fast lenses)

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