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Take Notice of how Sites you use Manage Your Data
Written by Bout Time Software
Created / Updated on Thursday 18th of March 2021

With the discussions going on at the moment about Facebook and Google utilizing news for free and the Australian Government now looking to make them pay for the content, this should be a wake up call for anyone that uses these so called "Free" platforms to display and manage their own content.

Anyone that is paying attention to the articles about this issue should really take notice in the way that Facebook operate. Their current stand was to just block or remove all content from all websites from Australia that it considers is "News'. This includes all government websites, politician website, The Bureau of Meteorology and of course the news agencies. Others also got caught up in it too, such as charity organizations. Facebooks choice to remove this content is what is making the headlines, but that is not really the main issue that we wish to draw your attention to with this article.

Facebook own all the content that you choose to add to their platform. That could be from your name and address information through to your photos and of course all your text content (ie posts). (People should really read the fine print in the Terms and Conditions of Facebook before they sign up) Even though Facebook give you access to manage that content, you do not own it. As these latest actions of Facebook demonstrate, they can do whatever they want with what you consider is "your" content.

It is very disappointing to see people and companies investing time adding content to Facebook only to not realize that Facebook have complete control over that content. They can remove it when ever they want and they don't have to justify as to why to anyone. Not even the account holder. In fact try contacting Facebook to make a complaint as to why some of your content goes missing? Good luck!

These current issues should be a wake up call for people to start taking back control of their content. Stop relying on social media sites like Facebook to promote your business or agenda.

Sure if you wish to do promotions on Facebook, then so be it, but the primary source of your content should be your own website.

Direct visitors FROM Facebook to your website!
The worrying trend these days we see is that people are actually choosing to direct their visitors from their website TO Facebook. That is just stupid. Another worrying trend is for organizations to not have a website anymore and just be completely reliant on Facebook for their internet presence! Just think back to all the previous social media sites that were huge in their day, but now are totally forgotten, who's to say Facebook won't go the same way as people revolt! Just look at MySpace as an example. It sold for $580 million in 2005 and made $800 million revenue in 2008, yet sold for only $35 million in 2016. Also in 2016, the data for almost 360 million MySpace accounts was offered for sale! (read more on wikipedia or do your own research)

Facebook will offer you nothing to help you promote your website or business. They are only interested in promoting Facebook and the Facebook platform! So you will not see Facebook passing things like Page Ranking at all, however you can still attempt to control your brand and content by keeping your unique content on your own website. If you have unique and interesting content, then visitors will find your website.

We know this article will probably fall on deaf ears as too many people have been brainwashed into thinking Facebook is free and beneficial, but the reality is something completely different and even though we don't think this article will change too many peoples opinion, at least it is a start if you're reading it.

Think about your content, don't give it to Facebook for free and if you have unique and interesting content to share then link it to your brand or logo on your website rather than having it only associated with Facebook!



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