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News Article Product Manager New Feature - Product Labels

Product Manager New Feature - Product Labels
Written by Bout Time Software
Created / Updated on Wednesday 20th of November 2013
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Auto Generation of Product Labels
If you sell products that need identification, or are not supplied with barcodes, then it may be difficult to identify or locate them at a later date. That may sound strange but a good example of this is a Nursery, where you may have numerous cuttings of numerous plant varieties. It is very difficult to identify the variety (species), just by looking at it and as some varieties change dramatically during development that adds to the complexity, so labels really need to be attached to each item straight away.

So to help you with this, the Product Manager now allows you to automatically generate Labels, which you can print out and then attach to the product. If you have created a product record for the product, then you can print a label for it.

This new feature generates a PDF for your convenience and places 4 products per line and 4 lines per page. It will be inevitable that you will need multiple labels for each variety, so you can configure just how many you need printed. You can select to just print 1,2 or 3 or you can select it to print 1 line, 2 lines, 3 lines or 4 lines (which would indicate a complete page).

By default the labels include space at the top for your attachment mechanism (such as hole punch or staple etc) the Sub Category name which the product has been assigned, the Primary Image (a photo) of the product, the Product Name and finally the Product Code.

These Product Labels could also be beneficial if you just wish to generate a sample sheet of what is available for your customers. What you can do with the PDF is totally up to you.

If you don't have a photo uploaded for any products yet that's ok the label will display your company logo in place of the product picture.

There is also the ability to print the labels without a photo. That means you can fit many more labels per page. This can be beneficial if you simply need to ID an item without having to actually use the labels as a promotional tool.



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Product Manager New Feature - Product Labels

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