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Why Us

There are many website companies around, and many web building applications available for do-it-yourself projects. However we provide something beyond the standard template layout.

Visual presentation of a website is an important aspect when considering the people that may visit your website, but it is also important for search engines to index your website.

We can supply graphically designed websites that are not only relevant to your business, but still be interesting, pleasant to look at, easy to navigate and most importantly highly efficient, fast loading and can be indexed easily by all major search engines.

To ensure fast loading we do not use Shockwave, JQuery, Ajax, templates or use any services from 3rd party companies. This ensures that a website from us will be completely self contained, be fast to load and use the least amount of bandwidth. These facts I'm sure your customers will appreciate, especially if using wifi internet devices.

What Do you Need from a Website?

One of the most important questions you should ask yourself is
What do you need from your website?

Some may answer that they just want to use it to promote either an item you wish to sell, or an article you have written and that is totally fine and if this is all you expect, then using a free application like Wordpress is probably all you need.

But a website can be much more. It gives you and your staff access to custom applications from any location (such as onsite with a customer or working from home for the day), you should still be able to run your business efficiently and effectively.

So why are we asking you this question? Well the reason is we do not just develop websites, in fact creating a website is the smallest part of what we offer. A website is simply an interface to much more complex applications that we can develop to help you manage your business.

All websites should have two components, the Public accessible site which everyone can visit and find using search engines and the second is the Administration side which allows you to manage the website.

Make your Website more productive for your Business

What we propose though is the Administration section can be used for more than just managing the website!

It can be used to also help you manage your business. This could be from managing stock; through to processing customer orders; generating prescription forms or invoices or quotes; producing proposals; creating work orders; managing Return Authorities and even managing your documents or any other type of data that you need constant access to.

Now there are third party services that you may be considering to store your data on, some are free and some requiring monthly subscriptions, but utilizing these third party services and trusting them with your sensitive data may not be the best choice because you never know what they may do with your data and files. They could continue to archive it long after you have deleted it, or make it available to their partners or to advertisers (just like Facebook does with all your content. Yes that is right Facebook own your content once you upload it to their system!). Before signing up with any of these services, you should really read their terms and conditions / privacy policy and all the other fine print because you may be in for a shock

The best option is to be in control of your own content and we can offer you custom designed applications to do just that easily and securely and within the confines of your own website. This means you only have to login to your website to manage all your content. Compare that to if you have signed up for services from third party companies, you would need to login to each one of those every time you need to update the content stored there. So you have to remember numerous passwords or compromise your security by having your device " Remember Your Password " !

We Offer you a Self Contained Platform.

All the applications and software we develop runs independent (or stand alone). It does not use, nor does it require third party scripts (such as anything offered by Google) or other run time environments (such as AJAX or JQuery) in order to operate. Our websites will even display if you have javascript off and they will display the appropriate message that functionality will be reduced, however will still provide full access to all the content via the sitemap. This is in stark contrast to Wordpress which thesedays just shows a blank page if you have javascript disabled. It doesn't even show a message at all. We find that is just really pathetic.

Another thing is our applications and websites function on any web browser. It does not have to be the latest version, which many other platforms demand these days, so you are guaranteed to have a website that displays on all computers even those that have not been updated for a few years. This means it will still display on computers running windows XP, which are no longer supported by the latest browsers anymore.

Everything is stored on your website and executes from there and DOES NOT RELY on any other companies software or third party software to operate (other than what is used to run and manage the server itself).

So take back control of your content and your ability to manage your own content safely and efficiently. Have a look around our website to see just a small sample of the applications we have developed, or contact us to see how we can help you.

About Us

If you are looking for a simple, cost-effective web site design, then we are the business solution you've been looking for!

We do not use or sell templates. Instead each page/site is made based on the customer's input specifically for them.

To make it easier to help you work out how much you want to spend, we currently offer a selection from six different Packages, which are based on the most frequently requested features.

If you have any specific needs or requests, then we are always willing to discuss those with you and provide a tailored option. We can also develop any website applications that you may require.

All our applications are developed in house. We do not use sub contractors and we do not use other companies runtimes (like JQuery or Google API's).

What We can Offer.

We can provide numerous services and software to help you manage a range of data and to help you streamline a range of tasks that you have to constantly perform.

Professional Product Photography

If you have products that need to be photographed, we can help. We can photograph your products and provide you high resolution photos up to 46 Mega Pixel. We can do close up / macro photography (ideal for jewellery hallmarks and makers marks) as well as wide angle photography (ideal for guns, swords and rifles). We can manage highly reflective objects such as glassware and silverware as well.

Why not contact us or have a look at our Photography Sample Page Or our Projects Page. You can also just view our slideshow at the top of our Home page to see some examples of our work.

Custom / Bespoke Software

We can design programs to your specific requirements to manage whatever data you need. That could be work orders / freight costs management / Invoices / Return Authorities, to name just a few. Whatever data you need to manage and store, we can design the software and the database to allow you to manage it. Plus we can design features to automate many of the tasks that you may need to perform. Not only will that save you time, but it will also increase efficiency and reduce the possibility of errors!

Development of Software to Auto Generate Forms

You may have numerous documents that you need to create / generate. These could range from suppliers order forms, to medical product prescription forms to other tasks like Work Orders, Return Authority documents, Freight and Dispatch documents or even Bunnings Greenlife Upload files. We can generate software to completely automate those process's and our software can auto generate those PDF or .CSV type documents. Not only saving you time, but also reducing errors and making your business more professional and consistent.

Why Choose Our Software?

What makes our software different than other companies or other package solutions (such as wordpress or joomla) ?

Every one of our applications are developed in-house. We know the applications well and we include a built-in context sensitive help system which provides additional information about each section at the click of a mouse, and is displayed on the page, so you do not have to navigate to another webpage in order to view it. When we design your website, we can also provide you with step by step guides and tutorials, to help you accomplish specific tasks. Each guide is provided as a PDF file which you can choose to print if required. We also have available an online tutorial system that will help step you through specific tasks.

As our software is developed in house (and requires no 3rd party functions to operate), we can add whatever functionality you may require in the future, such as new search features, or more reports. We could even just completely change the admin / edit screen or change anything to help meet your requirements. You won't find that level of flexibility with pre-packaged software.

Isn't it time that you look for software solutions that are tailored to suit your requirements, rather than you having to make do with whatever you can find in the pre-existing market?. Why not look at getting a quote for software that does what you need AND the way you need it done, rather than having to just "make do" or conform with how other software wants you to operate!

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Anyone that is paying attention to the articles about this issue should really take notice in the way that Facebook operate. Their current stand was to just block or remove all content from all .....
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How Serious Do you Take Your Privacy?
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Many people seem completely ignorant about their own data privacy. They not only actively share it with websites such as Facebook and other social media, but they are also inadvertently share it because of what they either allow on their computer, or simply don't understand and are oblivious to. Hopefully this article will help highlight a couple of overlooked concerns. Social Media - Facebook Everyone should know by now that content you add to Facebook will be sold by Facebook, especially y .....
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Do you monitor your Website Traffic
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The Good Ole Days The initial concept of having a website was pretty simple. Display the content you want to promote and people visit your website and read the pages, either by directly typing in your address or hopefully from doing a search in a search engine.

Beyond that of course the search engines themselves need to check each link and need to discover any new pages that websites create plus all existing pages that get updated or deleted. Basically they have to maintain their in .....
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Standard Website Package
A Standard Website Package designed to allow a business to promote their services and themselves. Allows you to manage the content and photos displayed on each page
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Design PDF Brochure
We can develop PDF brochures for your products or services. These brochures can then be made available for downloaded from that products web page. The PDF files can be fully graphical and of any style or design that you require.
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Product Manager
This allows you to manage all your products you wish to display on the website. You can easily add/edit/delete or inactivate any product. You can also upload as many pictures as you need for each product. This application forms the basis for many of the other features and applications we have developed. Features include: - change Online Status. Easily add or remove products from the website - change Purchase Order Status. Easily add or remove products from the order form - change prices (you can have a NOW and WAS price for advertising specials) - change or update each products web page. The Product Manager also allows you to generate price lists, product PDF brochures and stock re-order reports. It also keeps track of how many times each product is viewed, so you can see which ones are the most popular.

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