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What can you use the Link Manager For

Use it to provide links to other websites, such as those of your sponsors, advertisers or members. You can group all similar links into category and sub categories to make searching and sorting easier.

Use it to display customer testimonials you have received. This can also then be used as product reviews and the link then can be to the specific product on your website for which the testimonial or review is about.

Use it to provide access to offers, deals or discounts.

Use it to protect links that you wish to only make available to specific visitors, such as customers, members, sponsors, suppliers etc.

Use it any way you need for whatever information you have you wish to display.

Bout Time Software Link Manager

There's no point showing you pictures of what the Link Manager looks like. The application is installed on our website, so you can test it out. Click on the below link so you can view a live example of our Link Manager from our website


The Link Manager provides you the ability to search all the entries using keywords and the option to only display links from a specific sub category.


Our Link Manager allows you to organize and display links to other internet resources on your website.

Every website has links they wish to display for other websites. These other sites could be relevant information about your services or products, or it could be for the manufacturer of the products you sell. It really doesn't matter what it is for, the important bit is for you to be able to display these links in a friendly fashion for your website visitors.

Our Links Manager allows you to group links into categories and sub categories which will allow easy sorting and searching. Having similar type links grouped together also provides an easier and more uniform display, plus makes searching easier, especially if the Links Manager is used to organize product reviews.

You can also display a logo for each link and include a description.

The Link Manager could also be used to add customer testimonials and product reviews, where the logo could be replaced with either the reviewers picture or that of the product they are reviewing. The Link could be for the actual product being reviewed. The Link Manager also includes a Rating system to accommodate for rating the products from 1 to 10.

NEW FEATURE - Password protection for categories

Info & Options

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A summary of the Key Features
  • Allows links to be assigned to categories.
  • Allows links to also be assigned to sub categories.
  • Allows a logo or picture to be displayed along side.
  • Provides you the ability to add a description for each link.
  • Includes a Priority system (1 - 10) so you can prioritize the links within each category.
  • Includes a Rating system (1 - 10) so you can show rating stars along side the link (ideal for product reviews).
  • The flexibility to be use for other purposes, such as displaying customer testimonials or product reviews.
  • Password protection for Categories. Allows you to assign passwords to each category to restrict who has access
Priority System

It may be important that you have certain links displayed first. With the priority system you can assign a number (from 1 - 10) for each link and this will override any other sorting (default is sorting alphabetically). So each link with a priority of 1 will be displayed first on the links page, or if they have been assigned to a category then they will be displayed first in that category. If there are numerous links assigned to priority 1 then they will be sorted alphabetically.

The Priority System could also be used like a sponsorship system, if the links page you provide is not free. We do not endorse link farming! But there may be instances where a supplier could provide a monetary incentive for their link to be displayed above that of another (just like Google Adwords links). With our Link Manager's Priority System you can ensure that can be accomplished.

Rating System

The Rating System allows you to assign a number from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) for each link. Then along side the link name will be shown rating stars (green). This rating system would be idea for product reviews.

Protect Your Categories with Password

Now you can assign passwords to categories. The benefit of this is if you have links to websites, webpages or files, you can protect them with a password.

Why would you need this feature? You may have sensitive links you wish to only make available to specific viewers. An example is you wish to offer your customers or members special deals which they can redeem online. To do this you would need to provide them a link to a specific webpage, or the link itself may include the special code or coupon details. Using this system you have the ability to make the links available on your website, but only those people with the password will have access to utilize or even view the links.

This system works by you assigning all your link records to a Category. Each Category can have a unique password assigned. That way you don't need to assign specific passwords to each record and it allows you to manage all records assigned to that category in a single operation.

There are three ways you can utilize the password feature.

Option 1 - No Access - This means that no link records assigned to that category are displayed on the web page until the required password has been entered. This is ideal if you wish to ensure no information is displayed to people who are not authorized and also to ensure no search engine finds the information either.

Option 2 - No Information - You may be in a situation that you have sponsors that wish to offer your members or customers special deals. If this is the case then it could be beneficial if you were to list the companies for which offers are available. That way people who are not members may wish to join in order to see what offers are available. This also helps the sponsor because their logo is then displayed on the page, but it ensures no specific information about the offer they have provided is displayed. A sponsor may not want their competitors to know the details about any offers they have made. Once the correct password has been entered then the information about the available offers is displayed and a link is provided to that sponsors website if it is an online offer.

Option 3 - No Link - A continuation from Option 2 is that you may wish to disclose all the information about each offer, but then not provide the link to redeem that offer for people that do not know the password. Many website links (URL's) contain codes and information which is used to identify the deal. Not having the link (URL) disclosed protects it. If you (or the sponsor) is not bothered about your competitors knowing the details, then this option provides maximum exposure of the deals. That way all members and non members can read about it, but only members will have the ability to click on the link to visit the website where the offer can be redeemed.. Hopefully it may persuade non members to join so they can benefit from the offer.

You can choose either option for each Category that you configure.

Alternative Usage: Testimonials and Reviews

The flexibility of the Link Manager will allow you to use it for other tasks. One of these could be for customer testimonials and reviews. In this instance you can assign these testimonials to categories and sub categories, but the category names could be the actual product that the customer is commenting on and/or reviewing. This will allow easy sorting, searching and viewing of all testimonials or reviews for a specific product (sub category), or group of products (category).

The photo (or logo) could be a picture either of the customer, or more relevant the actual product itself. The link could be to that products web page.

Used in this way will allow your customers to submit information and have it displayed on your website without cluttering up the actual product's web page, yet still provide a link directly to that products web page.

The Link Manager includes a Rating System, so a value from 1 to 10 can be assigned. This would constitute their rating of the product. A rating of 0 results in no rating being displayed and half ratings are currently not available.

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