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Silhouette Militaria Website

Developed in : Jan of 2022     Current Online Status : Active     Website Link :

The Company Profile

We have over 30 years in the Australian Militaria Trade and have done Militaria Shows around the world. We have great contacts and we are always turning up new stock to sell. I am based in Queensland, Australia, but welcome people from all over the world to enjoy my site. I have no particular political or social agenda to push here, and the only restrictions on what may be sold relate to the applicable laws in the countries involved.

The Brief

To design and create a clean layout that is easy to navigate and update.

With a large range and quantity of products, an easy to use but effective and efficient administration section for product management was essential.

The Design Details

Our Product Manager is perfectly suited for this customer as it includes the following key features:

A) It can auto assign Product Codes

B) Auto create Category and Sub Category records (without the user needing to ask)

C) Auto run Maintenance feature each time it detects that New Category or Sub Categories are required. This helps ensure that if you now delete a product or move it to a new Sub Category, that all indexes remain valid.

D) The ability to upload 5 images at the one time and have them uploaded in the background. So while those 5 are uploading, you still use our Product Manager to select the next 5 you want to upload. If you only have up to 5 images you need to upload, then while they are uploading you can continue to work in the Product Manager, adding more products, or working in any of our other programs. Once the background upload is complete you will receive a popup display notice. (even if you are no longer still in the Product Manager).

E) The ability to automatically mark the first image uploaded as the primary image

F) All Category and Sub Category records are all managed automatically, so they can be 'Hidden' from the normal administration display listing, making for an easier / less cluttered display.

G) Our Product Manager will auto select (at random) an image to display for that Category or Sub Category. This not only reduces your need to have to assign an image to each one, but it also means each time the product page is viewed it will look fresh and show different images.

H) Finally we have 2 versions of our Product Manager available for you to use at anytime. There is a full version which includes all the features, then an 'Easy' version. The Easy version only includes the minimum requirements. Once again making for a more compact and 'Lite' display which is easier to navigate / cleaner and more efficient.

Also included is a Contact Form and Shopping Cart.

The Key Features & Applications

  • Custom Website Design
  • Adaptive Layout
  • Adaptive Background
  • Custom Product Manager
  • Custom Content Management System
  • Page Manager
  • Banner Manager
  • Gallery Manager
  • Contact Form
  • Shopping Cart
  • Website Hosting
  • Domain Name Management
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