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Realistic Reviews Website

Developed in : Jan of 2011     Current Online Status : Active     Website Link :

The Company Profile

Realistic Reviews is a website that focuses on providing detailed reviews for games, movies and from time to time computer hardware and accessories. Each review covers a range of criteria for different sections of the game or movie. This provides a more balanced rating of the product as every aspect is examined.

The Brief

To produce a website that allows for numerous sections to be incorporated for each review (record) and to allow each section to incorporate a rating system.

The layout must be able to adjust or modify the content based on the viewers browser resolution (such as those using low resolution (standard definition screens like 1024 x 768) to those using full HD resolution (which is 1920 x 1080).

To utilize bold colours where appropriate, but also produce a layout that is relatively dark in appearance so as not to overshadow the content.

To be clear, clean and easy to navigate, plus have the ability to upload pictures, add new reviews and add questions / information topics.

The Design Details

This website is using our latest variable width design, which can adjust the number of columns depending on your browser size. It supports from 1024 x 768 upto 1920 x 1080. Higher resolutions are supported but the layout is not designed specifically to accommodate them.

For this website we have taken our Product Manager version 2 and extensively modified it to accommodate the multitude of 'Information Tabs' that each review requires.

The Product Manager allows the site operator to manage all their content. As each review can contain numerous Information Tabs, the Product Manager has been modified / upgraded to accommodate such a diverse range of review types. These tabs can be adjusted depending on the type of product being reviewed, so it will automatically adjust if a review for a Movie is being created instead of a Game. Additional support is also incorporated for other review types such as computer hardware.

The product manager comes standard with the Image Manager and Photo Gallery. Combined, these allow unlimited number of photos to be uploaded and displayed with each review and each can be accompanied by a description. These features have also been modified to support this new layout design.

The Key Features & Applications

  • Full Custom Package
  • 4 Page layout with more being added soon
  • Animated Menu
  • Modified Product Manager Version 2
  • Information Manager
  • Product/Review Search
  • Top Rating Reviews Module
  • Latest Reviews Module
  • Website Seach
  • SiteMap
  • Website Hosting
  • Domain Name Management
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